Industrial Automatic Cooking Mixer Machine

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The Industrial Automatic Cooking Mixer Machine manufactured by Shandong Longze Machinery Co., Ltd adopts a simulating manual stir-frying technique to realize the automatic and continuous production of sauces, powders, vegetables, and seasonings. We have independently researched and developed high frequency coil, which can reach high temperature in a short time, and lower the temperature in a short time, so that it can completely achieve the effect of "frying" and "stir-frying". The automation of temperature control can  precisely control the fire, which protects the environment and saves energy. The whole process is completed in a  closed operation, so there is no secondary pollution. Fast cooling speed and uniform mixing make sure that our automatic cooking mixer machine is in a leading position in this industry.

Industrial Automatic Cooking Mixer Machine in the workshop
Working Principle Of Industrial Automatic Cooking Mixer Machine:

 The hydraulic station is a hydraulic device composed of a hydraulic pump, a driving motor, an oil tank, a directional valve, a throttle valve, an overflow valve, etc. It will supply oil according to the flow direction, pressure and flow required by the driving device, which is suitable for various machinery on which the driving device and the hydraulic station are separated. The hydraulic station and the driving device (cylinder or motor) are connected with oil pipes, and the hydraulic system can achieve various regular actions. The equipment adopts hydraulic double-cylinder output method, which makes the equipment operation safer and more stable.

Product Structure Of Industrial Automatic Cooking Mixer Machine:

This equipment is a series of products, mainly composed of pot body, air intake, tilting, mixing and rack. The whole pot body is made of SUS304 stainless steel, and the outer pot body is welded with an exhaust port. The air intake part is composed of a universal ball head and pipeline. The tiltable part is composed of worm gear, hand wheel and bearing seat.

Different parts of Industrial Automatic Cooking Mixer Machine
Product Features Of Industrial Automatic Cooking Mixer Machine:

1. Full combustion, no smoke and dust, a small amount of carbon deposit, and no environmental pollution.

2. The flame temperature can be adjusted at will, and the temperature can be as high as about 300°C.

3. Reasonable structure, easy to use and operate.

4. Powerful energy saving, fierce fire, and thermal efficiency increased by about 25% compared with similar products.

5. Fuel: liquefied petroleum gas, pipeline gas, natural gas, alcohol-based and other options.

6. Air consumption: about 20% lower than similar products.

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