Industrial Automatic Moon Cake Filling Cooking Machine

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Brief Description of Industrial Automatic Moon Cake Filling Cooking Machine:

Industrial Automatic Moon Cake Filling Cooking Machine

is a hot product, it is a direct-connected cooking machine heated by electric heat conduction oil. It can be used to produce high-viscosity products because of the double-planetary mixing method. It absorbs and draws on international advanced technology, and combines it with expert advice from many food manufacturers. A new type of stirring pot is developed. The pot body is made of stainless steel, and it is  formed by one-time stamping to ensure the smoothness of the pot.

Industrial Automatic Moon Cake Filling Cooking Machine in the workshop
roduct Structure of Industrial Automatic Moon Cake Filling Cooking Machine:

1. This series of products uses the North Sea closure head and a hemispherical stainless steel pot body formed by one-step stamping.

2. As for the heating methods, you can choose to use steam, natural gas, liquefied gas, electric heating heat transfer oil, electromagnetic and other heating methods. These heating methods have a large heating area and high thermal efficiency.

3. The food zone of this cooking machine is made of 06Cr19Ni10 stainless steel and it is polished, which meets the requirements of the Food Sanitation Law of the People's Republic of China.

Product Features of Industrial Automatic Moon Cake Filling Cooking Machine:

1. Wide range of application. It is mainly used in food processing fields such as sauce industry, stuffing industry, sugar industry, and industrial processing fields such as chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

2. Stir more evenly. The rotation and revolution planetary mixing method ensures that the mixing shaft can rotate 360 degrees without dead angles so that it can realize  uniform mixing.

3. It is more convenient to use. The stirring speed can be controlled manually. There are gear adjustment buttons. The stirring, turning, and discharging are all controlled by buttons, which can help you realize the industrialization and automation of production.

Industrial Automatic Moon Cake Filling Cooking Machine at the exhibition

1. Product name: Industrial Automatic Moon Cake Filling Cooking Machine

2. Equipment model: LZQ-100OB

3. Pot diameter: 1000mm

4. Pot body depth: 500mm

5. Pot body material: pure 304 stainless steel

6. Heating method: electromagnetic heating

7. Control mode: automatic/button

8. Mixing form: planetary/bottom scraping/side scraping

9. Discharging form: automatic high-position discharging

10. Applications: fried medicine, liquid, paste, solid, granule, powder

11. Control range of the control box : switch, temperature, stirring speed, backward turning of the stirring arm

12. Power requirement: 2.2kw

13. Turnover power: 1.5kw

14. Power demand: 380V/50Hz

15. Pot body material: SUS304

16. Equipment weight: about 1000kg

17. Dimensions: 1965*1680*1700mm

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