Vacuum Horizontal Mixer

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Vacuum horizontal mixer is a new type of mixing pot developed independently by absorbing and referring to international advanced technology and combining the expert advice of many food manufacturers.
The pot body is a stainless steel one-time stamping forming pot body, which ensures the flatness and smoothness of the pot.
Vacuum horizontal mixer
With steam, liquefied gas, natural gas, electromagnetic heating and other heating forms, the latest electromagnetic heating technology has been introduced, which has reached the international green environmental protection standard, completed the program-controlled integrated control, and filled the domestic gap.
1. The whole closed trough shaped pan body and jacket of horizontal stir frying pan with horizontal axis are heated by electromagnetic coil, with great heating surface, even heating and high thermal efficiency.
2. Horizontal shaft horizontal stir frying pan speed regulation, agitator and pot body all-round contact scraping and rolling materials, so that the full mixing without dead angle.
3. The temperature of materials in horizontal stir frying pan is transmitted by platinum resistance and displayed by digital thermometer.
4. The cover opening, discharging and resetting of horizontal stir frying pan are controlled by hydraulic mechanical transmission, which is convenient for operation.
5. The horizontal stir frying pan with horizontal axis adopts advanced transmission and mechanical seal structure, which makes the transmission parts fully isolated from the inside of the pan and ensures the cleanness and hygiene of the food in the pan.
Pot body: it adopts elliptical head at both ends, rectangular and semi cylindrical structure, jacket heating, inner tank is made of 0Cr18Ni9 stainless steel, internal and external polishing treatment of pot body, meeting the health standard.
The two ends of the pot body are sealed mechanically, and the world famous brand Bergman is selected as the mechanical seal to ensure its performance and service cycle. The two ends of the pot body are provided with flushing ports, which are washed once per shift to ensure its sanitation.
Application: used in bean paste, fruit paste, jam and other food processing, Chinese medicine and other high viscosity materials cooking and vacuum compression. The horizontal axis stir frying pan can be electrically heated, gas heated, steam heated, etc.
Vacuum horizontal stir fry pot is suitable for: hot pot bottom material, moon cake filling material, high viscosity material, jam, New Year cake, chili sauce, canteen, donkey hide gelatin, soup, bean paste, bean paste, sesame paste, five grain soybean milk, instant noodles sauce, mushroom sauce and other food processing, stir fry.
Vacuum horizontal stir fry pot made of stainless steel, stir thoroughly, without dead angle, stir evenly, not easy to paste the pot.
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