Brand New Gas Spherical Popcorn Machine

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My first memory about popcorn comes from when I was a child. Every time I heard the "bang" outside, I ran to my grandma. My grandma would fill a jar with rice, and put a penny in my fat hand. Soon there was a big bag of popcorn, still warm. But now the most popular popcorn is the western ball-shaped popcorn.There is some saccharin in old fashioned popcorn which really shouldn't exist, it is also said that there is lead in old fashioned popcorn, we don't know how many brain cells have been damaged by it.
POPCORN MADE BY Brand New Gas Spherical Popcorn Machine
With the popularity of western-style popcorn, a new single Brand New Gas Spherical Popcorn Machine has emerged as the times require. The Brand New Gas Spherical Popcorn Machine, is our continuous innovation, we have improved it step by step through research and development. Now our brand new gas spherical popcorn machine has appeared on the market and made high profits for our clients. This kind of popcorn machine can operate fully automatically,which makes it simple and intelligent.
It also has the characteristics of gas heating, energy conservation, environmental protection, heat up quickly, compact structure,etc. It is suitable for big company, factory, processing base. Another advantage of this kind of popcorn machine is that it can save time and effort. The most important thing is that it can be operated on site. The fragrance is filled with fragrance and it is more attractive.
POPCORN PRODUCED BY Brand New Gas Spherical Popcorn Machine
Advantages Of Brand New Gas Spherical Popcorn Machine
1. We provide American corn which is always in short supply, and we have long-term cooperation with import and export trading companies. The corn that will be sent to you will be absolutely first-hand supply, therefore reducing costs.
2. We provide recipes of popcorn of different flavors, which will help you saving a lot of time because there is no need for you to explore different flavors.
3. We provide technical support and teach our clients how to produce tasty ball-shaped popcorn. We can help you solve problems if you face some problems during the processing.
4. We suggest different ways of packing. You can choose one of the best ways to pack. Triangle bag and barrel are both available.
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