New Gas Popcorn Machine Has Got Recognition And Support From Clients From All Over The World

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After Longze gas popcorn machine is developed, it spreads quickly  to the market. Ever since our popcorn machine emerged on the market, we have always been listening to customers' opinions with an open mind, while actively transforming every small structure and small parts of the equipment, and the equipment is becoming more and more perfect. There are more and more overseas customers coming to visit our company, and sign cooperation orders.
The Spring Chengdu National Sugar and Wine Fair was held from March 24th to 26th in 2018 in Chengdu Century City International Convention and Exhibition Center (and all the exhibition sites in the hotels of Chengdu Railway North Station). Known as the "barometer" of China's food industry, the National Sugar and Wine Fair, which started in 1955, is one of the largest professional fairs with the longest history in China. After the Sugar Wine Festival, spherical popcorn became a hot spot. Then, Longze brand popcorn machine appeared in every large and small food factory.
different kinds of popcorn produced by New Gas Popcorn Machine
Technical Parameters Of New Gas Popcorn Machine

1. Commodity brand: Shandong Longze Machinery CO.,LTD
2. Product size: 100L and 200L
3. Commercial color: stainless steel color
4. Material composition: SUS304
5. Heating mode: gas/electromagnetic
6. Capacity: 75 kg/h
New Gas Popcorn Machine production line
We have been committed to the research and development, improvement and innovation of spherical popcorn machine for many years. The technology maturity is high and product quality is excellent, which has been tested by the market for a long time.  We have got the recognition and support of the majority of wholesalers and manufacturers. At present, we has a lot of well-known clients, such as Hebei Xiaoyangren, Shanghai Yuqiu, Sichuan Mianyang Zidong, Shanghai Guanyu, Shanghai Zhengrong Food, Suzhou Shuihua, Hunan Changsha Lai 'ao, Jiangsu Wuxi Haicai, Anhui Youzi Youwei and so on, and we have also exported our popcorn machine to more than 10 foreign countries. We provide lifetime free maintenance for our popcorn machine.
We, Shandong Longze Machinery Co., Ltd. also launched introduces the full set of assembly line of popcorn machine equipment. This new equipment has the characteristics of high output, high efficiency, more safety, cost saving, environmental protection.
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