Ball-shaped Popcorn of Different Kinds of Flavors

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Ball-shaped Popcorn of Different Kinds of Flavors
1. Caramel flavor
Each popcorn is evenly coated with caramel, presenting the most authentic American caramel flavor, the thick caramel goes best with round popcorn. The taste of caramel popcorn is even more irresistible after refrigeration
2. Strawberry chocolate flavor
Strawberry chocolate is used to make sweet pink popcorn, there is no pigment added into it at all. This kind of popcorn mixes natural strawberries and chocolate in the best ratio so it tastes sweet.
Ball-shaped popcorn of different flavors
3. Chocolate (original) flavor
The chocolate popcorn is made of the whole chocolate brick, and the popcorn is all coated with chocolate. It has a sweet and thick  taste, which makes it very popular with children.
4. Curry flavor
You can produce the curry popcorn using imported curry powder, it tastes spicy and delicious, creating a new flavor of popcorn. It is definitely a new experience worthy of trying.
5. American plain popcorn
This kind of American plain popcorn tastes sweet and salty, with a hint of corn aroma. It's satisfying and perfect for those who like traditional flavors.
6. Seafood-flavored Popcorn
The soft, delicate and delicious seaweed, slowly melts on the white popcorn. The blend of those two things makes the seafood-flavored popcorn filled with Japanese flavor. It is also a good choice if you like salty taste.
7. Pepper, salt and mustard Popcorn
popcorn of different flavors produced in the workshop
The American mustard popcorn tastes spicy because of the unique taste of Alishan mustard. You need to mix it with popcorn using carefully. This kind of mustard-flavored popcorn can easily evoke people’s taste buds. It will be really relaxing to watch wonderful movies with mustard-flavored popcorn.
There are also some other flavors for you to choose, including cantaloupe, coconut, strawberry, blueberry, orange, banana, sweet orange, New Zealand cream, watermelon, pineapple, honey, mango, pumpkin, pepper salt, cumin, shallot, etc.
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