The Chili Sauce Produced By Commercial Chili Sauce Cooking Mixer Machine Tastes Great

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Many friends may not know it when it comes to "spicy-flavored sauce". This kind of spicy sauce is a delicacy in Qianxian County, Shaanxi Province. Although it is called "spicy sauce", the actual taste of it is not very spicy. The spicy sauce mainly contains lotus root and carrots. Chili is only an auxiliary material, so it is more appropriate to call it "spicy sauce". For people who love to eat steamed buns, it is so good to have a steamed bun with spicy sauce. The prepared spicy sauce can be placed in the crisper, its no problem to last for two months.

Chili Sauce Produced By Commercial Chili Sauce Cooking Mixer Machine
Spicy sauce is a legendary dish in everyone's eyes, we all agree that. Imagine the cold rice noodles without spicy pepper, or the hot and sour rice noodles without spicy pepper. It's just not worthy of trying at all! The authentic oily spicy pepper aroma is tangy, and it is bright-coloured, which makes people can
t wait to try it. Simply pour a spoonful of oily spicy sauce on white rice and white noodles, it will taste so delicious. Do you know how to make an authentic oily spicy sauce? The key lies in the selection of materials and ingredients.

I will teach you how to cook Shanxis authentic oily spicy sauce. Ingredients include 50 grams of chili powder, 15 grams of white sesame seeds, appropriate amount of star anise, 5 pieces of bay leaves, 10 grams of pepper, appropriate amount of salt, appropriate amount of cinnamon, appropriate amount of edible oil.  

Foreign Customers Buying Commercial Chili Sauce Cooking Mixer Machine
Cooking Steps Of Oily Spicy Sauce Using
Commercial Chili Sauce Cooking Mixer Machine:

1. Prepare all the ingredients in advance, including cinnamon, pepper, star anise, bay leaves, chili powder, white sesame, salt, and add salt to the chili powder directly.

2. Pour oil in the Commercial Chili Sauce Cooking Mixer Machine, add all the spices in the cold oil and stir-fry them slowly over low heat

3. Stir-fry until the oil temperature rises, the color of  spices changes, and the smoke appears, then you can remove all the spices.

4. Pour the fragrant oil on the chili powder and mix them evenly. At this moment, you will hear the sizzling sound, and continue to add all the oil to it.

5.Discharge the oily spicy sauce from the cooking mixer machine.

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