Large-scale Automatic Commercial Electromagnetic Spherical Popcorn Machine

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The American spherical popcorn, which has been particularly hot recently, is sold out as soon as it is listed on the market.So there is a large demand for popcorn, especially in the places such as malls and movie theaters, American spherical popcorn is even in shorter supply. Since American spherical popcorn is so popular, popcorn manufacturers must be looking for the method of producing this kind of popcorn on a large scale and what kind of equipment is suitable for it. Today I will uncover its mystery.
Large-scale Automatic Commercial Electromagnetic Spherical Popcorn Machine production line
The Large-scale Automatic Commercial Electromagnetic Spherical Popcorn Machine can produce 5 kg of popcorn every 4 minutes per pot on average. The advantage is that the capacity is large and the heating is fast. It is suitable for commercial use, and the pot body can be quickly separated from the heat source after the heating stops to prevent the popcorn from sticking to the pot   because of the residual heat. 
Our Longze Machinery followed the trend in 2012, worked diligently, and tried our best to develop a model suitable for spherical popcorn. From the selection of size, heating method and research process, Longze Machinery has invested a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources. Nowadays, gas popcorn machines, electromagnetic popcorn machines and popcorn production lines have all got recognition and support from our clients from all over the world, and they have increased profits for our clients across the world. 
popcorn produced by Large-scale Automatic Commercial Electromagnetic Spherical Popcorn Machine
Why chooses our Longze Machinery? 
1. The Large-scale Automatic Commercial Electromagnetic Spherical Popcorn Machine uses original special pot body material, which has the characteristics of fast heat conduction and high efficiency. 
2. Advanced planetary mixing system. It can cover every angle of the pot body, stirring popcorn more evenly, and scraping the bottom more thoroughly. 
3.The processing speed is fast, and the taste of the popcorn is more pure. The perfect combination of advanced combustion system and pot body materials shortens the processing time, reduces the loss of effective ingredients in the popcorn, and makes it more nutritious and it tastes more delicious. 
4. Safe and reliable. Fully automatic operation ensures the safety of personnel and production. 
5. Quality assurance. We always advocate and pursue high-quality customer experience. The appearance of equipment can be imitated but the quality will never be copied. 
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