Industrial Automatic Fried Flour Stir-fry Cooking Mixer

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To make fried flour, we only need to use ordinary flour. After all, there are no too many requirements for the gluten of oil tea flour. As long as the oil tea noodles are fried with the flavor of the fried flour, it is ok, and the current flour can meet this requirement.
When making fried flour, there are two kinds of oils to choose from. One is the common vegetable cooking oil, which is also the most commonly used. It is also more convenient to use, and the taste is moderate, suitable for most people's taste. The second is the ox bone marrow oil, camellia surface in beef marrow oil making, is also the more traditional approach, in many ethnic minority areas, they will use beef marrow producing camellia surface oil, because beef marrow oil is very rich in grease, but also it has a special aroma, so to make the camellia surface using beef marrow oil, will taste more delicious.
Industrial Automatic Fried Flour Stir-fry Cooking Mixer in the workshop
Product Features:

1. Saving more energy: the experiment and industry authority testing, solar rate up to more than 40%, improve the thermal efficiency of more than 30%, economic benefits are very considerable.
2. Strong fire power: After multiple mixing of the Industrial Automatic Fried Flour Stir-fry Cooking Mixer, heat storage and rediffusion, the combustion temperature reaches more than 1150 degrees, and the sauce is fragrant and delicious without destroying the nutrition.
If you also want to fry a mass of fried flour, welcome you contact us. We have a lot of different kinds of Industrial Automatic Fried Flour Stir-fry Cooking Mixer for you to choose.
the workshop of Industrial Automatic Fried Flour Stir-fry Cooking Mixer
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Operators used to use their own experience to control product quality problems, but when using Industrial Automatic Fried Flour Stir-fry Cooking Mixer, it can effectively avoid the impact of human factors on product quality during the processing process, improve the controllability of the process, and ensure that the flavor of the fried sauce are complete.

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