How Do We Produce Oily Chili Sauce Using Commercial Automatic Cooking Mixer?

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As a person from Shaanxi, there must be"oil-pour-flavored lazi" in the kitchen at home, but when it comes to "jian lazi", many friends may not know it. This spicy sauce is a delicacy in Qianxian County, Shaanxi. Although it is called "spicy", the actual taste is not very spicy. The main ingredients of Jianlizi are lotus root and carrots. Chili is only an auxiliary material, so it is more appropriate to call it "spicy sauce". For people in Shaanxi who love to eat steamed buns, it will make you feel so satisfied to have a steamed bun with spicy sauce. The bibimbap with steamed buns can be eaten and served without any meat. The cooked spicy sauce is placed in the crisper. It’s no problem to save the last two months. Isn’t it the essentials for the home?
Oily Chili Sauce Produced Using Commercial Automatic Cooking Mixer
Youbo Lazi is a legendary dish in everyone's eyes, there is no doubt. Imagine the rice noodles without spicy pepper, the sauce, or the hot and sour without the spicy pepper...It can't be tolerated! The authentic oily spicy pepper has a tangy aroma and it’s appearance is bright and attractive. Simply pour a spoonful of white rice and white noodles on it, it will instantly become a delicious dish. How do we  make authentic oily pepper? The key lies in the selection of materials and ingredients. Today's editor I’ll teach you how to cook Shaanxi’s authentic oily soup and learn this Northwestern dish.
Operating Procedures: 
1. Sliced squash
2. Heat the pot, add peanut oil to heat, add chopped green onion and ginger, burst into a pan, the fragrance is diffused.
3. Pour in the cut squash and stir-fry in Longze's Commercial Automatic Cooking Mixer. When it is almost cooked, add soy sauce and salt.
4. Heat it up on a fierce fire and turn it over again-after a little while, you can take it out of the pot!
large batch of Commercial Automatic Cooking Mixer
The Commercial Automatic Cooking Mixer has four heating methods: gas heating, electromagnetic heating, electric heating, heat conduction oil heating, and steam heating, which can meet the different needs of customers in terms of energy.In addition, the main structure of the Longze Commercial Automatic Cooking Mixer includes a frame, a pot body, a combustion system, and an ignition control system. The structure is reasonable and the appearance is beautiful. Our Longze Machinery keeps improving the original equipment in accordance with the market requirements. The stir fry cooking machine of our company uses the planetary mixing system to simulate the manual stir fry technique, which successfully solves the shortcomings that the general stir fry machine can’t stir the materials evenly.

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