How Do We Clean A Chili Sauce Stir Fry Cooking Mixer?

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After purchasing the Chili Sauce Stir Fry Cooking Mixer, how to clean it after use? Today, the editor of Shandong Longze Machinery Co., Ltd. will share with you the tips for cleaning this kind of cooking mixer. The automatic/hydraulic type of this series of equipment uses hydraulic thrust to turn the stirring arm. There is no need to disassemble and assemble the stirrer, and then uses hydraulic thrust to tilt the pot body. It is easy to add raw materials and discharge the product out of the pot, saving manpower. It uses a stepless frequency converter to mix high-viscosity products. The even heating improves the heat level.
The Chili Sauce Stir Fry Cooking Mixer also has the characteristics of easy operation, high work efficiency, low energy consumption, long service life, compact structure and convenient maintenance. Therefore, this cooking machine is a mixer with excellent performance.
Chili Sauce Produced By Chili Sauce Stir Fry Cooking Mixer
1. The frequency of cleaning: clean the Chili Sauce Stir Fry Cooking Mixer once before using it and do that again after using it. It should be thoroughly cleaned once before changing the types of fried products. Clean at any time under special circumstances. (This kind of cooking mixer can be used to stir fry any kind of sauce)
2. Cleaning tools: bucket, brush, cleaning cloth, rubber gloves.
3. Cleaning agent: Carving brand detergent. As for the disinfectant, you can use 75% ethanol solution. In order to clean and disinfect this Chili Sauce Stir Fry Cooking Mixer, you should open the drain valve and exhaust valve to drain the water and steam in the interlayer and then close it.
4. Cleaning of the inner cavity: Open the discharge valve and flush the residual waste in the pot with drinking water into the waste container. Brush the inner wall of the planetary cooking machine with a brush dipped in detergent.
large batch of Chili Sauce Stir Fry Cooking Mixer
5. In addition, clean the blades and holders of the agitator until there is no residue. Rinse the remaining detergent in the pot with drinking water. Wipe it once with a dry cleaning cloth.
6. Cleaning of the outer wall: Use drinking water to clean the outer wall of the Chili Sauce Stir Fry Cooking Mixer, the housing of the reducer, the stainless steel upper cover, and the limbs and feet. Wipe the dirt accumulation place with detergent, and wipe off the residual detergent with a damp cleaning cloth. Wipe once with a dry cleaning cloth (including: pressure gauge, power switch). Use 75% ethanol solution to wipe the blades of the stirrer, the knife seat, and the wall of the inner cavity of the stir-frying machine, including the stainless steel upper cover, to disinfect once.

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