Industrial Automatic Hot Pot Condiment Cooking Machine

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Is the stirring method of the Industrial Automatic Hot Pot Condiment Cooking Machine really better than manual frying? The answer is yes.When hot pot condiment manufacturers purchase this kind of huge machine, it will always take them a lot of time to choose a cooking mixer that is suitable for them and have good mixing effects? Next, we, Shandong Longze company will tell you about the relevant content: The stirring effect of this series of cooking machine is good because the stirring method adopts the revolution and double rotation stirring method. The 6 stirring devices (divided into three groups, two groups of rotation and one revolution), and a stirring hand are installed on the rotation stirring rod, which can be better It has the ability of stirring and mixing so that the mixing is more even; The scraper is more effective, which can effectively control the problem of certain materials.
Hot Pot Condiment Produced By Industrial Automatic Hot Pot Condiment Cooking Machine
When using the Industrial Automatic Hot Pot Condiment Cooking Machine, you can choose to use electromagnetic heating, which is extremely energy saving because it can heat the pot quickly, there is no dust, no bursting, no harmful substances, no heat transfer to the surrounding environment,but it has a stable safety factor. The magnetic induction has multiple gears, which is beneficial to the precise control of temperature. The fully automatic temperature control can raise temperature gradually.In addition, it also has DC frequency conversion adjustment, sensitive to temperature regulations, and temperature balance.
The Industrial Automatic Hot Pot Condiment Cooking Machine heated by high-temperature heat-conducting oil is based on the heating tube to heat the high-temperature heat-conducting oil to generate heat. It has the characteristics of large total heated area, high thermal efficiency, even heating, and easy manipulation of the heating temperature. The defect is that The temperature is raise slowly, but the temperature reduction is also slow; If the continuous application of environmental protection and energy saving is better than natural gas, it is inferior to magnetic induction.

the workshop of  Industrial Automatic Hot Pot Condiment Cooking MachineThe Industrial Automatic Hot Pot Condiment Cooking Machine heated by natural gas heats the pot quickly, the temperature is high, the fire is too strong, the temperature rises in an instant, the flame temperature is around 800 ℃ (the specific application temperature is around 200 ℃)). It can not only realize automatic temperature control , but also realize automatic ignition. In addition, it is also equipped with full-automatic alarm, full-automatic throat and other functions devices. The manual ignition is also possible because of explosion-proof valve. There are three types of cooking mixers that are suitable for frying hot pot condiment, which can guarantee there is no sticking.

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