Electric Heating Planetary Stirring Cooking Mixers Has Become The Development Trend Of Food Processing

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Electric heating planetary stirring cooking mixers has become the development trend of food processing
The electric heating heat transfer oil planetary stirring cooking mixers uses heat transfer oil as the medium, connects to the power source and energizes, and heats the heat transfer oil through the electric heating tube to generate heat. The electric heating jacketed pot has the characteristics of large heating area, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating, short boiling time of liquid material, and easy control of heating temperature. The inner pot body (inner pot) of the electric heating planetary sandwich pot is made of acid-resistant and heat-resistant austenitic stainless steel, which is beautiful in appearance, easy to install, easy to operate, safe and reliable.

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The Longze electric heating stirring cooking mixers mixing system adopts a combination of rotation and revolution, and its transmission ratio is an integer transmission ratio to ensure that there are no blind spots in the pot. The transmission and sealing structure used makes the transmission part and the pot clean and hygienic. The automatic/hydraulic type of this series of food stuffing stirring frying pan equipment uses hydraulic thrust to turn the stirring arm over, without disassembly and assembly of the stirrer, and then uses the hydraulic thrust to tilt the pot body, which is easy to enter and exit the raw materials and save manpower. It adopts a stepless frequency converter. It can mix high-viscosity products evenly and heat to increase the heat. It has the characteristics of easy operation, high work efficiency, low energy consumption, long service life, compact structure and convenient maintenance. It is an excellent food stuffing mixer.

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Safety precautions for electric heating heat transfer oil food stuffing planetary stirring cooking mixers:
1. Before starting up and using, check whether the oil level of the heat transfer oil reaches the specified oil level (150 cm below the interlayer).
2. Clean the electric heating industrial planetary cooking mixers kettle and put in the materials.
3. Before starting the industrial planetary frying pan, open the oil filling valve on the top.
4. Turn on the switch, turn on the red switch, and turn the temperature control knob to the desired temperature (mostly around 180°C, not exceeding 280°C) to start normal production.
5. Turn off the electric gate, close the oil injection valve, the jacketed pot can be tilted, and the hand wheel can be turned to tilt the pot body for unloading.

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The electric heating heat transfer oil filling planetary stirring cooking mixers adopts the new electromagnetic heating principle and the microcomputer temperature control technology. It is the perfect and fully functional heat processing and heat treatment equipment in the food processing industry at present.
Introduction of electromagnetic heating planetary stirring cooking mixers:
The electromagnetic heating cooking mixers kettle can replace the traditional heating equipment currently used such as ordinary electric heating, gas heating and steam heating. It can also be used for multiple purposes in one machine to process some difficult-to-process foods (such as soy milk, etc.). It is widely used and has better quality. Longze Machinery adheres to the enterprise spirit of "independent innovation, leading the future". With its technology, rigorous attitude and perfect service, the company strives to provide new and old customers with better products and better services.

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