The Raw Material For Making Popcorn By The Ball Shape Popcorn Machine

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First of all, the semi-permeable exocarp (also known as the seed coat) of the popcorn kernels is hard, with a thickness of 0.03 to 0.08 mm, and is composed of dietary fibers in an orderly and tight arrangement. It has the function of totally enclosed water vapor and increasing the pressure difference. According to the measurement, the tensile strength of the outer peel of the popped kernel under ultra-high pressure is 4 times that of the general corn kernel; and the heat conductivity is fast, and the heat transfer coefficient is 1.9 times that of the general corn kernel. When heated, it can quickly increase the temperature inside the kernel, but Will not burn and become slushy.
Secondly, the endosperm of popcorn kernels is larger, accounting for about 4/5 of the total weight of the whole kernel, of which about 90% is corn starch. 75% of the corn starch is cuticle corn starch, which is distributed on the outside of the kernels. When exposed to high temperature, it transforms into hard, plastic and viscous organic matter, which can withstand the strong water vapor pressure difference;

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The other 25% is silty corn starch, which is embedded in the middle of the grain by corn starch in the stratum corneum. Corn starch grains and water are tightly inlaid in the middle of the web interwoven by the protein framework, with very few gaps. Generally, these two types of corn starch are present in the endosperm of corn grains, but corn starch in the cuticle does not account for as much as popped corn kernels, and the structure is less tight, and there are no popped corn kernels in the distribution area. So suitable for bursting.
With the strengthening of modern people's concept of nutrition and health, many people will personally make delicious snacks at home, but if you want to make snacks and snacks very successfully, the selection of raw materials is also very important, but the home popcorn machine The popcorn made is less flavorful. The popcorn machine factory uses the Longze brand industrial popcorn machine, which can produce a variety of flavors, such as original flavor, caramel, chocolate, cheese and so on. The above is the understanding of the salient characteristics of corn kernels for making popcorn wholesale. Perhaps the popcorn factory can more correctly select the corn kernels to make popcorn machines in the case of making popcorn.

Popcorn is a snack snack that everyone can often eat in daily life. It is also a relatively good choice as a snack snack in daily life, and the fancy and flavor of popcorn is also relatively large, which can satisfy everyone. This kind of people need to match the diet, but if you want to make popcorn very successful and delicious, the selection of corn kernels is also relatively critical. The popcorn machine for making ball shape popcorn is more critical. Let us know how to make it. Distinctive characteristics of popcorn kernels.
The salient features of corn kernels for popcorn
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Popcorn kernels began in the Americas in Mexico, Peru, and Chile along the vast areas of the Andes. It was planted at least 80,000 years ago. Archaeologists point out that popcorn kernels and other corn kernels spread from Mexico east to north at the same time before European colonists joined the American continent.

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On the ceramics from the mausoleum left by the Indians in 300 AD, unearthed in Peruvian skins. Inside are inlaid with the most primitive popcorn kernels and ears; it has been found that there have been intact popcorn kernels for a thousand years, which can still be expanded if heated slightly, and there are concave shaped utensils and long handles hewn with stones. Clay utensils. It is pointed out that it is an auxiliary tool that specializes in providing expanded corn kernels. In 1519, Kurtez, a Spaniard, first described that the Aztecs used popcorn kernels as their primary food.

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