Processing Procedures of Black Plaster Produced By Industrial Stir-fry Cooking Machine

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Processing Procedures of Black Plaster Produced By Industrial Stir-fry Cooking Machine

Step 1: Deepfry

First, the oil is heated and poured into the Industrial Stir-fry Cooking Machine, then gently fry it with constant stirring, so that the medicine is heated evenly until it reaches the temperature the black paste needs(such as yellow, fried brown, fried black, etc.). Then we will get paste oil after filtering the slag.

Black Plaster Produced By Industrial Stir-fry Cooking Machine
Step 2: Cook

Put the yellow rice in a clean iron or copper pot and fry it gently until the water in the red rice has dried up. When you use a shovel to stir, you should keep the fire stable.

Note: If there is water in black paste, then it will be tender. We need to remember that the black paste can t be overcooked. The yellow tartan will turn crimson in the process of frying. Don't panic. Take it out and cool it down,

then it will return to the original color.

Step 3 :Refining

As for the oil, tung oil and sesame oil are optional. If you choose to use sesame oil, first you should put the sesame oil without alkali into a clean Industrial Stir-fry Cooking Machine and boil it with high heat, and then change it to low heat. At the beginning, the gas will rise straight upward, and then the gas will rise to the pot. If you add a drop of oil with chopstick into the cold water, and it turns into a oil bead, that means the oil is ready.

Different Kinds of Jam Produced By Industrial Stir-fry Cooking Machine
4: Add Dan

The proportion of oil Dan is generally calculated by 195 grams of lead Dan per 500 grams of oil, paying attention to the season (summer Dan can be used to 240 grams of lead, only 140 grams of winter, spring and autumn with 210 grams of appropriate). It is also said that it has a ratio of 16:7 oil Dan, an extra catty of sesame oil with four to five Dan. It is more tender in winter (four), and it is harder in summer. There are two kinds of lower red fire. The small fire boiled, continue to use the former Dan to slowly add it into the boiling oil, fry with robinia or willow stick.  Then stir it clockwise constantly, the oil will overflow with bubbles and emit thick smok. When the smoke is exhausted from the Industrial Stir-fry Cooking Machine, use bamboo chopsticks to add three or four drops of oil to cold water. The drops of oil slightly become beads, then wipe off the water on the beads, and try to pinch them with dry hands.When it doesn't stick to your hand if you move your hand away,hold the fire, or lift the pot away from the stove, continue to stir and let it cool down.

Step 5: Remove fire poison

After the paste, spray in the pot with cold water, then there will be black smoke, next twist the paste into a small lump, soaked in cold water for 3 ~ 10 days and change water 1 ~ 2 times a day. You can also pour it directly into the device, with water soaked for three days to remove fire poison.

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