Planetary Stirring Cooking Mixers Machine Equipment For Stirring And Heating Fillings

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Planetary stirring cooking mixers machine equipment for stirring and heating fillings
The planetary stirring cooking mixers machine is very convenient to use, and it also improves our work efficiency to a certain extent, saves time, and has been recognized by many customers. When we use it, we must pay attention to correct maintenance so that it can be extended. Its life span, then we will tell you how to maintain it, let’s take a look.

Planetary cooking mixers machine can be used for large batch processing in food factories  
The planetary stirring cooking mixers machine itself uses the characteristics of stainless steel and uses high-temperature compression technology to process the original single-layer design into the current double-layer design. The advantage of this design is to allow the pot to be heated evenly and with a sandwich of different materials. , To ensure that there will be no sticking phenomenon during operation. The maintenance of the planetary stirring cooking mixers machine also affects the product and needs to be exposed to more salt and alkali components, which are very corrosive.
Therefore, in daily use, we must pay attention to the cleaning of the filling cooking mixers machine equipment, as well as regular parts inspection, mainly to reduce the residue in the pot body, not only to the pot body itself, but also after a long time. It affects the taste and taste of the fillings produced, so maintenance is very important.

Planetary cooking mixers machine can be used for large batch processing in food factories  
1. Planetary stirring cooking mixers machine equipment used for stirring and heating fillings has a three-layer structure at the bottom and top of the pan, with its own heat preservation, circulating oil circuit, fast heating, and energy saving. Thereby increasing the output.
2. The bottom scraping mixing system completely solves the problem of not destroying the nutritional content of high-viscosity materials, and reaches the green environmental protection standard. It is an ideal choice for food stuffing companies.
3. The automatic discharging system adopts circuit control, which is more convenient to use. The pot body can be tilted at any angle, reducing labor and improving production efficiency.

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Instructions for use of the planetary stirring cooking mixers machine:
1. The inspector must repeatedly read the relevant standards and test procedures before operation.
2. After the preparatory work is in order, turn on the power first, observe and select the control state.
3. Perform 1 to 2 trial runs before use, and keep the equipment in normal working condition.
4. Wipe the inner wall of the stirring pot and the stirring blade with a damp cloth.
5. In the order of first coarse and then fine, add the specified amount of graded standard sand into the sand adding tank.
6. Put the pre-weighed water and cement into the damp mixing pot in the order of adding water first and then adding cement. Take care not to spill the water and cement out of the pot, and then place it on the mixing stand and tighten it clockwise. Raise to the stirring position for stirring.
7. Start the switch and stir the mortar according to the following mixing procedure: first stir slowly for 30s, then slowly stir for 30s (add sand at the same time), then stir at high speed for 30s and then pause for 90s (the operator can put the mixing blade and the pot wall in 15s The attachment is cleaned to the middle of the pot), then high-speed stirring for 60s, the stirring is completed, the machine will stop automatically and enter the next program.
8. Clean the stirring pot, repeat the above 4~7 procedures, do the second stirring, until all the tests are completed.
9. Shut down, cut off power, and clean up the workplace.

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