Stirring Cooking Mixers Machine Comparison Of Advantages And Disadvantages

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stirring cooking mixers machine Comparison of advantages and disadvantages
The planetary stirring cooking mixers machine adopts a disposable shaped stainless steel pot body to ensure the smoothness of the pot. It adopts electric heating, the side of the pot adopts a spring type, and the bottom of the pot adopts a self-weight type, so that the pot body and the mixing blade are in close contact, so that the material is stirred. Evenly. Non-stick pan, the transmission part of the revolution and rotation of the non-integer transmission ratio, so that there are no dead corners in the pot, the use of advanced transmission and sealing structure, so that the transmission part and the pot are clean and hygienic. The hot pot bottom material planetary stirring cooking mixers machine adopts hydraulic turning The arm, turning the pot and discharging, is labor-saving, time-saving, labor-saving, and it is a food processing equipment with excellent performance.

The Working Purpose Of The Planetary Cooking Mixers Machine Is To Achieve Cooking And Save Costs  
Stir cooking mixers machine
1. Model: 200L 300L 400L 500L 600L
2. Heating method: steam, gas, electricity, electromagnetic
The advantages and disadvantages of various heating methods:
1. Gas heating: fast heating and cooling, adjustable frequency. Generally used for frying in chili sauce.
2. Electric heating: The temperature of the heat transfer oil can be controlled, the frequency can be adjusted, and the heating is even. Disadvantages: slow heating and slow cooling.
3. Electromagnetic heating: Eliminate the inertia phenomenon of heating, heating and cooling is rapid and efficient; heating has no dead corners, and the whole barrel is evenly heated; the electromagnetic coil is kept cool, so the life is super long. Generally used in sauces and food production.
4. Steam heating: The temperature is about 120 degrees Celsius, generally used for vertical jacketed cooking kettle.

The Working Purpose Of The Planetary Cooking Mixers Machine Is To Achieve Cooking And Save Costs  
Uses: Longze Industrial Planetary Stirring cooking mixers machine can be used to stir and fry high-viscosity materials such as cooking, stirring, chili sauce frying, hot pot bottom material boiling and so on. At the same time, it is also suitable for large hotels, restaurants, hotels, guest houses, restaurants, as porridge, soup, dumpling, cooking and stew.
The stir-cooking mixers machine is a commonly used equipment in the snack food industry. This equipment features four stirring heads, no manual frying is required, the pot body can be tilted, hydraulic control, automatic discharge, and very convenient. The exhaust gas is concentrated on the back, and the operation is comfortable and safe. The stirring head rotates and revolves in the pot, which can enhance the unique frying time. Gas combustion heating/electromagnetic heating heating, suitable for frying (or baking) vegetables, fish, and condiments , Medicinal materials, etc., commonly used in catering, baking, food processing and other industries.

Gas Heating 200 Liter Double Jacketed Cooking Pot/Cooking Sugar Jacketed Kettle 
Features of stirring cooking mixers machine:
Product Features:
1. Automatic multi-head stirring and frying (the stirring head can rotate and revolve);
2. Easy to operate (the pot body can be tilted, and the material is poured hydraulically);
3. Safe and comfortable operation (centralized waste discharge on the back);
4. Good frying time;
5. Stir/mix evenly;
6. Gas combustion is convenient for heating, and it is not limited by factory voltage;
7. Electromagnetic heating is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, saving 20%-30% of electricity compared with ordinary electric heating, heating up quickly, and temperature is controllable;
8. The inner and outer pots are made of stainless steel, beautiful in appearance, compact in structure, and easy to clean.
Industrial stirring and cooking mixers machine equipment use:
It is suitable for frying (or baking) vegetables, fish, condiments, medicinal materials, etc. It is often used in catering, baking, food processing and other industries.

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