Complete Produciton Process Of Sugar Coated Peanut In Factory

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Complete Produciton Process of sugar coated peanut in Factory
sugar coated peanut is a peanut foods with peanut kernels as the main raw material. It is made by coating rice flour, wheat flour, starch, sugar, baking, frying or dissolving sugar coating. There will be a sugar coated peanut produciton process and the related machines.
There are three kinds of sugar coated peanut varieties, which are starch type, sugar coating type and mixed type. The most common among them is sugar sugar coated peanuts, flour sugar coated peanuts (fish skin peanuts, Japanese peanuts), honey sugar coated peanuts, chocolate sugar coated peanuts, and so on.
Produciton Process of sugar coated peanut
Do you know how to make these sugar coated peanuts? Let us know:
Automatic sugar cashew nut cooking coating machine peanut processing coating machine
Sugar coated peanut Production Process in Factory:
Raw material is peanuts with red skin: Roasting peanuts - Peeling skin - Coating peanuts with sugar or flour - Baking - Mixing materials - Cooling - Packing
Raw material is white peanut kernel: Roasting peanuts - Coating peanuts with sugar or flour - baking - Cooling - Packing
sugar coated peanut production line is a necessary equipment in coated nuts produce factory. It can automatically make sugar coated peanuts in large quantity and good quality.
sugar coated peanut Production Process Machine
1.Cooking mixer machine.
2. Peanut coating machine. It is ideal equipment for making sugar sugar coated peanut, flour sugar coated peanuts, chocolate sugar coated peanut, spicy bean etc a dozen kinds of products.
3. Eight-square flavoring machine adopts stainless steel material, main equipment for peanuts and other food processing ingredients, additives, mixing.
The whole line can realize automatic production, can save a lot of human resources, large extent reduce the production cost. We have capacity 100 kg/h, 200 kg/h, 300 kg/h, 500 kg/h etc.
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