Strawberry Vacuum Sugar Pot

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Strawberry sugar pot is a new generation of sugar liquid vacuum impregnation equipment for processing preserved fruit and other products, also known as preserved fruit sugar impregnation machine, which can be used in the processing of preserved apple, preserved sour horn, preserved apricot, preserved pear, preserved peach, preserved Taiping fruit, green plum, hawthorn slice, red peel and other preserved fruits. The equipment can also be used for sugar, salt, medicine and wine soaking in the production and processing of Chinese herbal medicine, pickles and other products. It is an excellent equipment that can effectively replace the traditional production of preserved fruits, pickled products and other industries.
Strawberry vacuum sugar pot
Strawberries in sugar and preserves vacuum tank
1、 Working principle of vacuum sugar pot:
Vacuum infiltration, also known as vacuum impregnation or vacuum impregnation, is a technology or process of material liquid infiltration of processed products by using vacuum effect. Vacuum the whole system by vacuum pump. When the specified vacuum degree is reached, close the lower chamber, fill the upper chamber (high-pressure chamber) with a certain pressure of gas or liquid, and ensure that a constant pressure difference (adjustable) is formed on both sides, so that the gas or liquid will permeate from the high pressure side to the low pressure side under the action of pressure gradient.
Strawberry vacuum sugar pot
2、 Overview of vacuum sugar soaking unit:
Vacuum sugar soaking unit is a kind of multifunctional vacuum osmosis equipment designed and manufactured by using the principle of vacuum osmosis, which is widely used in the food processing industry such as preserved fruits and preserves.
The equipment can be used for vacuum impregnation of many kinds of fruits, vegetables and other foods. It is now the industrial production of preserved fruits, preserved pickles and other food equipment.
Vacuum preserver permeation tank
Compared with the traditional impregnation method, the use of vacuum impregnation equipment can greatly shorten the processing cycle of products, thus improving the work efficiency and saving production costs. The whole maceration process is carried out in a sealed state, the time is shortened, the loss of nutritional components is less, and the original color and flavor of fruits and vegetables are maintained. The vacuum impregnating tank can be vacuumized, heated, pressurized, insulated and cooled rapidly. The equipment is made of 304 or 316L stainless steel, which conforms to the hygienic standard. The overall structure is compact, easy to operate and clean.
3、 Structure of vacuum sugar soaking unit:
The structural components of the vacuum sugar soaking unit mainly include the main tank of vacuum osmosis tank, solution distribution tank, feed liquid circulating pump, feed liquid filter, vacuum pump, electric control system, pipeline system, equipment platform, etc. Our company can design and manufacture steam heating form (suitable for users with steam heat source) or heat transfer oil electric heating form (suitable for users without steam heat source) according to the different use environment of users. Automatic control elements can be added according to the special requirements of users. Users can choose the main tank of the permeation tank or the complete set of equipment.
4、 Specifications of vacuum sugar soaking unit:
The vacuum infiltration tank has different volumes of 100L to 2000L. The smaller size infiltration tank can be made on a small platform together with its supporting parts in the form of a unit. It is convenient to install, use and move. It is called a small vacuum infiltration tank unit. The equipment can be applied to the small-scale pilot production of new products developed and used in the laboratories of schools and scientific research units or small-scale pilot production of enterprises. Considering the convenience of transportation, it is necessary to decompose the components of large-scale equipment, and then assemble them in the user's workshop.
5、 Main features of vacuum sugar soaking unit:
The main components of the vacuum infiltration tank unit are made of SUS304 or SUS316L stainless steel and polished with high precision. They are safe, sanitary, corrosion-resistant, beautiful and durable. Compared with the traditional infiltration process, the equipment has higher infiltration efficiency, better infiltration effect, effective saving of time cost and labor cost, more sanitary and beautiful products, more uniform material liquid infiltration and higher concentration. The equipment is easy to operate and cost-effective. It is an ideal equipment for industrial penetration of preserved fruits and other food materials.
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