Industrial Cooking Jacketed Kettle Mixer Machine With Planetary Mixing Agitator

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Industrial Cooking jacketed kettle pot two layers are all made by stainless steel 304 or 316.
Working temperature and time can be controled manual or pre-set.
Customized size and design based on client demand ndustrial Cooking jacketed kettle.
Saving energy, environmental, high efficiency.
Mutiple heating way and kinds of style.
Industrial Multifunction Cooking Mixer Machine/jam Jacketed Cooker With Agitator
Industrial Steam jacketed kettle mixer is widely used in candy,pastries, soft drinks, canned fruit juice, jam, preserves, dairy and food processing and brewing, wine making,such as pharmaceutical and chemical industries, as the material dissolves, disinfection, heating,blanching.

Nougat Candy Jacketed Kettle With Stirrer

A. Longze brand Cooking jacketed kettle fully automatic control system. All operations can be achieved through Control Panel.
B. Low running costs. Advanced circuitry design, high power match.
C. Long service life. Materials are made of high quality stainless steel products,  no high temperature deformation.
D. Original Pearl body material. Heat fastly and efficiently .
E. Advanced planetary mixing system. Cover every angle of the kettle,  Industrial Cooking jacketed kettle uniform agitation.
F. Adjustable agitating speed, industrial jacketed kettle apply to kinds of food making.
Industrial Cooking Jacketed Kettle Pot Mixer Machine With Planetary Mixing Agitator

Advanced Manufacturing Machinery And Techniques:
We are proud of our staff, who are responsible and with rich experience. Combination with our staff first-class skill and the aid of our big scale laser machines, our products are highly commented by our customers and thereby help us earn more regular customers.
Gas Heated Vegetables Cooking Mixers Machine
Packing And Delivery:
Our machine is packaged in wooden box for overseas shipment, and inside is also protected for easily damaged parts. Wooden box is strong enough and we have not encountered any shipment accident.
Shandong Longze Machinery Co.,Ltd
We have shipment every day and have our own logistics department for handling packaging and delivery, to ensure on-time delivery safely without any delay.
Customers' Visiting & Testing:
For visiting customers, our company will arrange local transportation and accommodations, and provide necessary materials for testing with our machines. We have various types of machines available for customers' testing in our factory.

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Shandong Longze Machinery Co., Ltd. (“Longze Machinery” in short), officially established in 2012, based in Zhucheng City, Weifang, Shandong Province, China, is a professional manufacturer of cooking and mixing machinery for food and snacks, including industrial popcorn machine, planetary cooking mixer, jacketed kettle, pressure/vacuum cooker, which are universal to make spices, chili sauce, curry sauce, fruit jam, sweets, Halva, paste, nougat, candied fruits, coated nuts, fillings, vegetables, meat------

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