Large Soybeans High Pressure Cooking Pot

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Natto, or fermented black beans, is a Chinese characteristic fermented bean product seasoning, using black bean or soybean as the main raw material. The fermented black bean is made by using mucor, aspergillus or bacterial protease to decompose soybean protein. When reaching a certain degree, it is made by adding salt, wine, drying and other methods to inhibit the enzyme activity and delay the fermentation process. There are many kinds of fermented black beans, which can be divided into black and yellow fermented black beans according to processing raw materials, and they can also be divided into mature fermented black beans and light fermented black beans based on the taste. Longze Large Soybeans High Pressure Cooking Pot can realize that the temperature rises from the top to the bottom layer because the pot is heated through the distilled water so that the beans produced by this series of cooking pot has a high degree of ripening, and there is no damage, no clamping phenomenon.
large batch of Large Soybeans High Pressure Cooking Pot
Product Structure:

Large Soybeans High Pressure Cooking Pot
 uses a certain pressure (0.2-0.5mpa)) steam as the heat source (you can also choose electric heating), the cooking pot has the characteristics of uniform heating, short liquid material boiling time, easy control of heating temperature, etc. The inner layer of the cooking pot (inner pot) is made of austenitic stainless steel which is acid resistant and heat resistant. It is equipped with pressure gauge and safety valve with beautiful appearance, easy installation, convenient operation, so it is safe and reliable. The cooking pot is composed of pot body, pot cover, opening device, locking wedge, safety interlocking device, etc. The sealing lid is fixed with screws, or inflatable silicone rubber sealing ring, which is reliable and it has a long service life.
foreign clients buying Large Soybeans High Pressure Cooking Pot
Product Technology:

1. In view of the characteristics of soybean, soybeans are not easy to be cooked through, our company has developed a Large Soybeans High Pressure Cooking Pot, which rotates 360 degrees to ensure the thorough heating of materials. The pot volume can not be too large,if it is too large, the soybeans will not be cooked through.
2.If you use this kind of cooking pot, you need to soak the beans for 12 hours in advance. The ratio of soggy beans is 2.2.

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