Rice Dumpling High Pressure Cooking Pot

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The Rice Dumpling High Pressure Cooking Pot is a product developed by our company for small and medium food factories based on the principle of simplicity and practicality for cooking  rice dumplings. The pot body of this cooking pot is all made of stainless steel, and the internal volume is 150L-100OL. In addition, it has the characteristics of fast heating, hygienic condition and convenient operation. About 300-2000 rice dumplings can be steamed at one time, and the operation is flexible and convenient, and there will be no raw phenomenon.
SHIPMENT OF Rice Dumpling High Pressure Cooking Pot
Product Features:
1. Using liquefied gas or natural gas as the heat source, using high-efficiency and energy-saving burners, equipped with blower auxiliary heating, high thermal efficiency, saving gas by 40%.
2. The soup in the pot does not need to be taken out during the cooking process, and it can be used continuously, saving energy.
3. The outside of the Rice Dumpling High Pressure Cooking Pot is insulated with an insulation layer to avoid heat loss in the pot and high temperature burns during operation.
Product Usage:
Rice Dumpling High Pressure Cooking Pot is also known as steam pot, cooking pot, and jacketed steam pot. Jacketed pots are widely used in the processing of foods such as candy, dairy, wine, pastries, preserves, beverages, cans, and it can also be used in large restaurants or canteens to boil soup, cook or stew porridge, etc. It is a wonderful food processing equipment that improves food quality, shortens production time, and improves working conditions.
FOREIGN CLIENTS BUYING Rice Dumpling High Pressure Cooking Pot
The Rice Dumpling High Pressure Cooking Pot uses liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas as energy source, which is suitable for frying materials. It also has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, durability, high efficiency, energy saving and convenient operation. The burner adopts a heat-resistant, high-efficiency and energy-saving burner with high combustion efficiency. The whole machine has a compact and reasonable structure design, a small floor space, a high degree of standardization of parts and components, and is easy to maintain. It adopts a snail wheel device that can be rotated at 95 degrees, which is convenient for food input or removal. This machine is suitable for catering, processing and baking of condiments, snacks, medicine and other fields.

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