Candied Fruit Vacuum Making Machine

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Product Introduction:
The production of Candied Fruit Vacuum Making Machine
is inseparable from the selection of high-quality raw materials. The plate, pipe fittings, accessories we use inside and outside of the pot are imported large steel enterprises, such as Japan Yixing Beihai, Shanghai Baosteel, Siemens touch screen and so on. Longze machinery factory provide lifetime free maintenance, the equipment manufactured in our company are guaranteed for one year, you will be entitled to trade old parts for the new ones. We advocate business philosophy of "think what users think, and what users use". There is no false quotation, and we do not participate in abnormal vicious competition. Choosing us means that there will be no worries for our clients!
Large batch of Candied Fruit Vacuum Making Machine

This kind of Candied Fruit Vacuum Making Machine
 can be used to produce Candied fruit, honey, for example, beans, jujube, wolfberry fruit, candied fruit, grapes, candied fruit, Chinese flowering crabapple fruit, pear products, strawberry pulp, blueberry pulp, pulp, pulp blackcurrant, ocean girl preserved, cherry tomatoes (tomatoes) pulp, apple pulp, preserved apricots, wax gourd, sweet potato pulp, cantaloupes preserved, thorn pear pulp, preserved fruit, kumquat products, hawthorn, medlar preserved, carrots pulp, pulp, preserved pineapple, celery macaque preserved peach, and preserved peach.
Product Advantages:
1. Longze Candied Fruit Vacuum Making Machine
 is made of acid resistant and heat resistant Austenitic stainless steel, it has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, easy installation, convenient operation, safety and reliability.
2. It is composed of the pot body and the supporting feet. The pot body is a double layer structure composed of hemispherical pot body, straight edge, there is also bracket inside and outside of the equipment.
3. The unit can be used for vacuum, heating, pressurizing, heat preservation, so you can realize multi-purpose functions with one machine.
shipment of Candied Fruit Vacuum Making Machine
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