Vacuum Sugar Dipping Pot

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Brief Description:
We, Shandong Longze Machinery Co.,Ltd, supplyVacuum Sugar Dipping Pot. Candied fruit is a good snack for travel and leisure. Its color is bright and transparent, the pulp quality is delicate and dense, the sweetness is moderate, refreshing and there will be a long aftertaste, so it is loved by the majority of consumers. But it is a snack going directly into our mouth, the hygiene quality of its products directly affects the health and safety of consumer groups. We are glad that you found us in thousands of messages!!  Welcome to learn more about our equipment.
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Working Principle:

Longze Vacuum Sugar Dipping Pot has many advantages. The solvent evaporation of liquid substance in the boiling state is very fast, its boiling point changes because of pressure, when the pressure increases, the boiling point increases. In the same way, when the pressure is low, the boiling point will decrease. Because the material is not affected by high temperature, the damage and loss of thermal unstable components are avoided, and the nutrients and aroma of raw materials are better preserved. In particular, when you use it to produce some amino acids, flavonoids, phenols, vitamins and other substances, it can prevent heat and damage. And the low temperature evaporation can prevent the material from coking when you produce some sugar, protein, pectin, mucilage and other viscous materials.
Manufacturing Vacuum Sugar Dipping Pot in the workshop
Product Features:
The main body of the Vacuum Sugar Dipping Pot is made of stainless steel mirror processing, the inner tank is USU304 stainless steel (316L can be customized if required); Heating rod also uses large area 304 stainless steel heating rod, it has high thermal efficiency and long service life.
The original meaning of "candied fruit" is fruits and vegetables as raw materials, through the processing method of sugar or honey curing, has evolved into a traditional product in China. And the production process has also evolved from the traditional brewing, pickling into the Vacuum Sugar Dipping Pot, so that the working environment has been perfectly improved, the above is the introduction of this kind of equipment.

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