Candied Fruit Vacuum Sugar Dipping Pot

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Product Introduction:
Candied fruit is a kind of food that we often have in our life. They are not only beautiful in color, but also has a good taste. How can such a good food be produced? This, of course, is inseparable from its production process and equipment, wherein the vacuum sugar immersion equipment is a commonly used equipment, let's have a look at it.
large batch of Candied fruit Vacuum Sugar Dipping Pot
Working Principle:

When we use this kind of Candied fruit Vacuum Sugar Dipping Pot, the air and part of the water in the micropores in the preserved fruit and between the plant cells are pumped out first under the condition of vacuum. Then, the high concentration impregnation solution penetrated into the plant cell space under the action of vacuum concentration difference and gravity. Thus greatly improve the impregnation efficiency.
Shandong Longze machinery produces vacuum dipping sugar equipment, including dipping sugar pot, melting sugar pot and cooking, stirring, sterilization, cooling, vacuum equipment and other equipment which have reached the the first-class level. The above products can be customized according to the needs of user or we provide  single production. The mechanical equipment produced by the company is deeply loved by customers at home and abroad. This product is a combination of sugar boiling and vacuum pumping, the design structure is reasonable, there is no need to boil the sugar in one pot using the traditional method, and then vacuum it in another pot, which is  tedious, so our Candied fruit Vacuum Sugar Dipping Pot
can help reduce the production cost of clients.
foreign clients buying Candied fruit Vacuum Sugar Dipping Pot
Product Quality Commitment:

1. There are quality records and testing data for the manufacturing and testing of products.
2. For the testing of product performance, we sincerely invite users to come to observe the whole process and full performance inspection of the Candied fruit Vacuum Sugar Dipping Pot, and then pack and ship the product after being confirmed qualified.
Product Price Commitment:
1. In order to ensure the high reliability and advanced nature of the Candied fruit Vacuum Sugar Dipping Pot, longze planet stir wok system materials and mechanical materials are chose from domestic or international quality brand products.
2. Under the same competitive conditions, our company will never reduce the technical performance of products, or change the product components in view of the prices, what we do it to try our best to provide the most preferential price to you.
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